Unique Bridal Lehenga Colour Combinations


More drool-worthy lehenga color combinations and more brides who are willing to experiment! Brides are not shy to give predictable hues a new lease of life with some amazing combinations, so much so that even pastels are being reinvented with some pretty hues and combinations! So we decided to give you a peek into what we think can be biggest lehenga color combinations! 

Mint Green with Fiery Red

Now that is one stunning lehenga combination we came across, and we think it's perfect for new age brides who want to wear red, but with a difference! 

Living Coral with Honey

Living Coral happens to be the Pantone Colour for 2019, and we love this pretty lehenga which brings out the beauty of the color while keeping it a little subtle with the honey shade!

Light Pink with Light Green


This is a combination we spotted on a recent bride, and if you're looking for something in the pastel family, then is such a pretty new combination to consider!

Millennial Pink with Dull Pink

Who knew mixing two dainty hues of pink together could also look so good?

Lilac with Powder Blue

Another pretty pastel combination which looks super dainty, especially for a morning wedding! 

Shades of Pink with a Pop of Blue

Light pink and blue has been around for a while, but this one mixes different shades of pink with it, which looks fab!

Lilac with Dull Pink 

Lilac and dull pink is another darling color combination for a lehenga, which is amazing to look at! 

Light Blue and Ivory

While white and light blue is pretty common, ivory and light blue look new and refreshing! 

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