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Trendroots is a premium wedding consultancy for Brides.

A wedding is a beautiful event in any person's life. It is a milestone, a moment to be cherished forever, both for the couple and their families.It is not easy to have the perfect wedding look one has always dreamt of. A lot of confusing thoughts and advice pours in from all sides,making it impossible to decide on what is right.

And everybody wants to look their best on the wedding day. That's where we come in. We clear those clouds of confusion and help our clients arrive at a choice which suits their taste and budget as well.

We discuss their personalities,their likes and dislikes and the events at their wedding,so that each occasion has a different complimenting look and the bride feel and look their best.

The USP of Trendroots is 'elegance'. When it comes to weddings, brides dont know where to stop. This is where we step in. We are game for styling any kind of bride- the elegant,quriky,glamorous,fashion-forward,vintage or the Gen Next....she can be whoever she wishes to be but her state of mind should be confident and self assured.Sometimes , it takes months before the actual wedding! Altought the looks need to be pre-decided,styling on the spot i.e on the day of the wedding is very important because it is necessary to improvise on the looks- like a different way of draping the dupatta, the right jewellery and hair and make-up is really necessary.

We are based in United States & offer personal shopper and styling services to Indians all over the United States. From selecting your maag-tikka to your big day outfit !

Contact us today and we will be glad to assist you !

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